Cost control

Cost control

The dynamic growth of service market forced us to specialize in the so called cost containment that is not only price control but control of the quality of the medical service, too. Our efforts are directed to control of price-formation that should be always in conformity with the reasonable and generally used prices in the region and the local medical standards.

Reduction of expenses

Fidelitas Assistance Ltd. is able to negotiate a discount from the price for its clients. That is possible because of the long beneficial collaboration with the local medical centers and private hospitals.

Medical Cost Monitoring

Our team monitors medical expenses during the whole treatment of the patient in order to avoid speculation in the final expenses. The assessment of medical expenses of every particular case is based on diagnostics and the progress of the treatment applied. At the end of the treatment medical expenses are checked very carefully in details in order to eliminate needless tests and treatment that lead to increasing of the final costs and thus causing loss to insurance company.