FIDELITAS Company was founded in 1990 by Mr. Zaven Tchilyan with main activity in insurance services and insurance representation. In 1992 the company was chosen a representative of Lloyd’s, a representative of the Institute of London Underwriters and the American Institute of Marine Underwriters as well as to most of the leading insurance companies. In 1995 insurance assistance activity was organized as a new separate independent juridical person under the name FIDELITAS ASSISTANCE Ltd and main activity in the field of medical and technical assistance as well as travel insurance assistance.


People are the greatest treasure and strength of Fidelitas Assistance Ltd. The Company’s team consists of more than 20 persons, all specialists in the field and united by the mutual aim to work for the best service of our clients. Their professionalism, good education and invaluable long experience in insurance assistance make them able to manage every task with ease. Our team’s distinctive features are their flexibility at taking decisions, their sharp thinking, quick reaction and attentive behavior to clients and partners.
Our specialists are young people with appropriate education and good knowledge in English, Russian, French and other languages. They have excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team for reaching the only mutual goal – rendering the necessary help including psychological support in very complicated situations.

IT tools

The 24/7 co-ordination center of Fidelitas Assistance have enough technical equipment and software to meet the highest up-to-date standards for a modern call-center. Our team of IT specialists entirely realized the idea for uniform operative system for management of cases. The system allows monitoring of cases in real time and gives excellent possibility for statistical data processing. The specially developed information system unites all the processes at servicing– from registration of the initial call at the data base to accounting finalization of cases.
The Call-center has several lines for multi-channel digital connection supplied by different telecommunication operators as well as optical internet. We are able to accept parallel calls that can be processed at the same time by the operators. Phone lines, where clients can get the operators of Fidelitas Assistance free of charge from every place of this country, can be placed at disposal, too.


Fidelitas Assistance is the pioneer for Bulgaria in medical, technical and travel insurance assistance. It has been making its good name and winning its position at the market steadily during the years and has proved its professionalism in practice.
The Company has been and is the leader in insurance assistance for Bulgaria. It is due to our understanding about the necessity of high level of satisfaction of clients from our work as well as to our good relations with our foreign partners during our long collaboration.
We are here 24 hours and 365 days in the year and ready to respond your problems and look for the best way for their solving.
Our goal is to render a service at the highest possible level not only through our well skilled team of young and well trained people but also through permanent adapting of our technical basis to the contemporary requirements of the market.